The lock is sticking and hard to open

Sometimes the locks just need to be cleaned and lubricated. Dust can get in and collect inside of the lock cylinder making the lock difficult to use. We use a silicone based lubricant that cleans and lubricates.

Sometimes both the key and the lock wear down and just making a duplicate key will only cause more difficulty. It would be good to have your locks rekeyed at this point.

Sometimes the lock is fine and it is the door that is the actual problem. When the weather changes doors and frames can swell putting a bind on the locks.

I just had my keys duplicated and they don’t work...?

If your keys are old and worn down making a copy will just give you a slightly more worn down key. When making copies it is always good to make a copy of your best working key.

It makes a difference where you get your keys duplicated. As locksmiths cutting keys is an essential part of what we do so we calibrate and test our machines regularly. Some places like drycleaners and hardware stores do not always have the knowledge and familiarity with the machines and are not able to perform the proper calibrations needed.

I have the combination but I don’t know how to dial open my safe..?

Most safes use a Group two safe lock which is fairly standard.
The dialing sequence is:

  1. 4x Left
  2. 3x Right
  3. 2x Left
  4. Back to the right until dial stops.

If this does not work then please call (phone) and give us the make and model of the safe and we would be glad to walk you through the dialing sequence.

I have changed my batteries in my safe and it still will not open...?

Check the handle to make sure that it is turned all the way to the locked position. Sometimes the handle can be pushing against the bolt putting a bind on the lock which won’t allow the bolt to retract.

Check the battery terminals sometimes wires get pulled out when changing the batteries or corrosion can build up on the terminals.

Sometimes it is the brand of battery being used. You need a brand of battery that has a high output in order to pull the bolt back. Please call (phone) and we would be glad to help you determine the right battery for your safe.