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There are different options for safes available, whether they are keyed or electronic digital keypad or combination locks. There are varying degrees of burglary and fire ratings, which affect the security levels and locking mechanisms of the safes, and the fire resistance, such as dual locking, maybe with key and electronic, key and combination, or combination and electronic digital access locks.

Authorized Factory Dealer, Installer, and Service Repairs For:


AMSEC- has the largest selection of safes, fastest delivery times, and excellent customer service. As a California based company American Security Safes, helps us bring down the shipping and delivery cost. An excellent solution for our customers, and our showrooms.


TiDEL- Offers cash management, and automation solutions for many of today's national retail chain stores, using digital tracking technologies for real time reports and audits. Many national service providers partner with Green's Security to install and service these unique safes.

Access control systems are a popular solution for any size business, such as access control into office buildings, industrial sites, gated communities, hotels, apartment complexes, colleges and management companies. They can be either a “stand-along” and/or “computer-based” solution which enable an authority to control access to an area. Access control is a matter of Who, Where and When. An access control system determines Who is allowed to enter or exit, Where they are allowed to enter or exit, and When they are allowed to enter or exit. It’s a convenient way to allow access, or limited access, into authorized areas on an individual basis. At Greens, factory trained technicians design a system that meets all your needs. An access control system can easily and cost-efficiently be integrated into your overall existing network or stand-alone system. Access Control systems can reduce costs associated with re-keying locks, managing keys and gives you a real time monitoring of access event. Green's will find an affordable solution that is right for you!

Authorized Factory Dealer, Installer, and Service Repairs For:


KERI SYSTEMS, Is one of the world's most economical providers of panel based access control and integrated security systems on the market. And we recommend it for most of our customers, that are seeking a balance between cost and effectiveness. From design, install, and software training we would love to show you how an access system may benefit your overall security needs.


ALARM LOCK, #1 best selling stand alone access control lock in the USA, all of our service technicians are trained and certified to install, program, and service these locks; that can retro fit into almost any standard door configuration. These unique keypad locks can also support access and bar code cards. Many customers have not only purchase these locks from us, but have been trained by our staff on Installation, programming, and in-house servicing.

Security camera systems are not just for security and loss prevention, they can increase productivity reduce liability and can even help with work flow issues and problems!

The CCTV Systems are used by employers to deter or capture on DVR suspected employee and customer theft or wrongdoing. The technology has beendetermined to be perfectly legal and the business owners justified in using such methods. The demand for closed circuit tv equipment is reflected in the statistics available from the industry's suppliers. Businesses in the US spend approximately $100 billion dollars a year on the purchase of high-tech security equipment - over 50% of the total sales of CCTV products are to industrial or commercial clients. Losses to businesses in the US due to crime have reached the $200 billion level annually. Sadly, a high percentage of such losses are attributed to employee theft. It should be noted that CCTV systems in the US are alsoused extensively in the workplace to deter and detect cases of sexual harassment - effectively protecting employees from unwarranted abuse. Safety issues of a more practical nature can also be addressed through the use of CCTV security systems. Management can identify and correct potentially hazardous situations preventing many industrial accidents and injuries.


PELCO, is the leader in CCTV (closed circuit television), If you are seeking the best in IP camera systems this company invented, and wrote the book for advanced security monitoring. From high security installations to Vegas casinos, these systems are complex but highly desired for ultimate camera control, features, and technologies. Many of our advanced service technicians go to the factory in Clovis CA, to become trained and certified Pelco installers. and service specialists.


DEDICATED MICROS, Camera systems are widely used in many of today's national retail chains. These systems fit between cost and function offering the customer a more balance approach to CCTV our camera techs partner with many national security services to install, repair, and maintain these new hybrid IP security surveillance systems.


3R DIGITAL DVRS, If you are seeking to upgrade your recording system these digital video recorders are priced just right for most customers. We would love the opportunity to show you the advantages of DVR recording vs VHS.

We Sell And Program Most Manufactures Keys Systems & Remotes!

Vehicle security is constantly improving meaning modern day cars are much securer than they would have been 10 years ago. Whilst this is great news for car owners it can spell bad news for motorists that lose their keys.

Waiting for main dealers to replace keys can be time consuming and costly.

For this reason we have invested heavily in specialist decoding machinery that enables us to cut and program new keys for the majority of cars at the roadside.

Loss prevention is a concern for most retail business. The first step in any loss prevention program starts with the door enunciators, that allow for an audible alert when a door is opened. We also can provide a loss prevention analysis to maximize your shrinkage. Green's has helped many national chair stores, and facilities loss prevention teams, design and install various products that assist L.P. Managers with these issues.


Chexit® Delayed Exit Device, Chexit Controlled Exit Device is designed to delay egress through an opening using panic or fire exit device for 15 seconds. Chexit meets the exacting requirements of NFPA101, Special Locking Arrangement. Chexit is designed to be tied into a building's emergency system and will release immediately during an emergency alarm condition.


Detex Corporation is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of products that protect people, secure property, and assure the life safety and security objectives of our customers. Our team can install, service, and offer training on these products.


Alarm lock offers an economical solution to door management with its PG door alarm products, these battery operated products are easy to install and can be keyed to most existing key systems.

As a property manager one of the challenges is key control, along with creating manageable master key systems. We pride ourselves on providing you the best solutions for any key system. High security restricted keys provide maximum protection for unauthorized key duplication, and master key systems reduce the amount of keys needed to manage.


Meeting some of the world’s extremely demanding international standards and dedicated to making patented key control a high priority, Mul-T-Lock cylinders have been chosen by millions of customers in nearly 100 countries who seek a truly excellent High Security solution. Green's is an authorized, and registered, dealer of Mul-T-Lock. If you are looking for the ultimate in key control, than private keyway is a must have.


Primus XP is a new patented Primus key system that proves to be an effective solution against unauthorized key duplication, key "bumping", and other types of cylinder manipulation. With its inventive design that includes a patent protection until 2024, the new Schlage Primus XP delivers the longest key management protection currently available on the market.


Over 11,500 fire departments, military installations and the communities they serve depend on Knox products and services. Our staff can help install, and manage your Knox systems, our customers trust Greens Security to manage their fire code enforcement needs.

Knowing the right hardware can be a challenge for most customers. From size, fit, function and finish we can take the guess work out of the equation, and help provide you with the right hardware the first time. Green's professional installers are here to help! Many of our customers receive and enjoy the benefits of our hardware expertise and knowledge when purchasing and installing door hardware.

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