Loss prevention is a concern for most retail business. The first step in any loss prevention program starts with the door enunciators, that allow for an audible alert when a door is opened. We also can provide a loss prevention analysis to maximize your shrinkage. Green's has helped many national chair stores, and facilities loss prevention teams, design and install various products that assist L.P. Managers with these issues.


Chexit® Delayed Exit Device, Chexit Controlled Exit Device is designed to delay egress through an opening using panic or fire exit device for 15 seconds. Chexit meets the exacting requirements of NFPA101, Special Locking Arrangement. Chexit is designed to be tied into a building's emergency system and will release immediately during an emergency alarm condition.


Detex Corporation is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of products that protect people, secure property, and assure the life safety and security objectives of our customers. Our team can install, service, and offer training on these products.


Alarm lock offers an economical solution to door management with its PG door alarm products, these battery operated products are easy to install and can be keyed to most existing key systems.