There are different options for safes available, whether they are keyed or electronic digital keypad or combination locks. There are varying degrees of burglary and fire ratings, which affect the security levels and locking mechanisms of the safes, and the fire resistance, such as dual locking, maybe with key and electronic, key and combination, or combination and electronic digital access locks.

Authorized Factory Dealer, Installer, and Service Repairs For:


AMSEC- has the largest selection of safes, fastest delivery times, and excellent customer service. As a California based company American Security Safes, helps us bring down the shipping and delivery cost. An excellent solution for our customers, and our showrooms.


TiDEL- Offers cash management, and automation solutions for many of today's national retail chain stores, using digital tracking technologies for real time reports and audits. Many national service providers partner with Green's Security to install and service these unique safes.