Security camera systems are not just for security and loss prevention, they can increase productivity reduce liability and can even help with work flow issues and problems!

The CCTV Systems are used by employers to deter or capture on DVR suspected employee and customer theft or wrongdoing. The technology has beendetermined to be perfectly legal and the business owners justified in using such methods. The demand for closed circuit tv equipment is reflected in the statistics available from the industry's suppliers. Businesses in the US spend approximately $100 billion dollars a year on the purchase of high-tech security equipment - over 50% of the total sales of CCTV products are to industrial or commercial clients. Losses to businesses in the US due to crime have reached the $200 billion level annually. Sadly, a high percentage of such losses are attributed to employee theft. It should be noted that CCTV systems in the US are alsoused extensively in the workplace to deter and detect cases of sexual harassment - effectively protecting employees from unwarranted abuse. Safety issues of a more practical nature can also be addressed through the use of CCTV security systems. Management can identify and correct potentially hazardous situations preventing many industrial accidents and injuries.


PELCO, is the leader in CCTV (closed circuit television), If you are seeking the best in IP camera systems this company invented, and wrote the book for advanced security monitoring. From high security installations to Vegas casinos, these systems are complex but highly desired for ultimate camera control, features, and technologies. Many of our advanced service technicians go to the factory in Clovis CA, to become trained and certified Pelco installers. and service specialists.


DEDICATED MICROS, Camera systems are widely used in many of today's national retail chains. These systems fit between cost and function offering the customer a more balance approach to CCTV our camera techs partner with many national security services to install, repair, and maintain these new hybrid IP security surveillance systems.


3R DIGITAL DVRS, If you are seeking to upgrade your recording system these digital video recorders are priced just right for most customers. We would love the opportunity to show you the advantages of DVR recording vs VHS.